Universal Pre-K Information 2025-25 School Year

As you may be aware, the Garden City Public School District has been preliminarily approved for a UPK Expansion Grant of $2,390,000. These funds will be used to expand the available UPK seats in an off-site program(s). 

The District sent a Request For Proposal (RFP) to 21 local community partners who offer UPK to seek their interest in working with us to provide seats in their UPK programs to eligible Garden City children who have a spot on the UPK waiting list. The RFPs are due to the central office on June 12 by 12 noon. On Friday, June 13, 2024, all families on the waiting list will receive an email asking whether or not you are still interested in a spot for your child. Available seats will be offered in the order of the waiting list. Depending on how many community partners respond to our RFP, you may have a choice of locations for UPK. 

Our plan is to work through the waiting list from June 14-21. Thank you for your cooperation and your interest in our UPK program.