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Resources for Social Assistance (Covid-19)(Suicide prevention, drugs, alcohol)


Garden City High School has multiple support resources available to students, parents, and families.  Our mental health support personnel include our psychologists and social worker. If you have any concerns about a loved one, please do not hesitate to reach out to our mental health staff.  You may also visit our guidance counselors.


Covid-19 Resources


The following documents are about prescription drug safety and how to secure your medical cabinets:

Is Our Medicine Cabinet Safe?  

Why Teens Start Using

Prescription Safety


Dina Grappone

Social Worker



Jessica Berenbroick




Brittany Mauceri




In addition, if your high school student or any member of your family is facing a crisis, please contact one of the numerous agencies listed that offer assistance for various situations: suicide prevention, drug/alcohol abuse, behavioral issues, etc.  Call 911 for an emergency situation.

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