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Monday, March 8th –

Today is a “Maroon” B Day




Happy Foreign Language Awareness Week!  Every day this week, Latin Club is going to share a "did-you-know" fact about Latin and the ancient Roman world.

  • Did you know that there are 5 languages that stem directly from Latin? French, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish all have Latin as their root. They are called Romance languages, not because they are romantic but because they are Roman!


News for Seniors:  

It’s time to get your scholarship applications completed!

Due Friday, March 12th:

  • Julia Maloney Scholarship 
  • The Joseph LPrusan Random Act of Kindness Award 
  • Unsung Hero Scholarship


 Due Wednesday, April 14th:

  • The Opie Award for Creative Writing



News from the Cafeteria!

The Boars Head Deli Bar is now open daily for full service. Grab and Go is available through pre-order on the Choosi app or by using a paper order form.  All breakfasts and lunches are free through June.



Please be vigilant and follow safety protocols –

 wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing!