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Friday, June 23, 2017                                    

Today is a “B” day


Congratulations to all our seniors.  We wish you the best of luck as you graduate!  We know that you will accomplish great things in the future.  We hope many opportunities come your way and that you achieve success in all you do.


To our undergraduates, something to look forward to in September -our cafeteria is introducing soft serve frozen yogurt, vanilla, chocolate, or twist, with a variety of toppings and ACAI made-to-order superbowls! Hope you have a great summer, be safe and we will see you in September.


The NO-EXCUSE Word of today is: Pose

:  to set forth or offer for attention or consideration <let me pose a question>

       :  to come to attention as :  present <smoking poses a health risk>

             :  to put or set in place

             :  to assume a posture or attitude usually for artistic purposes

:  to affect an attitude or character usually to deceive or impress

           <he posed as a doctor to gain access to the ward