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Daily Bulletin

Tuesday, May 31st -                                    

          Today is an A Day –                                




There will be a Science Olympiad meeting in room 208 after school today (Tuesday, May 31st). We will be thanking our club President for her hard work this year, so please try your best to make it!



The Robotics Club is looking for new members for the 2022-23 season.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 2nd in room 205 after school.  No prior knowledge or experience is needed!



The new date for the US History Regents Review class is June 9th.  Location for this review will be announced prior to the class.



May is Mental Health Awareness month - 

Daily Coping Skills include:

  • Ask someone else how they are doing
  • Stop and look at the flowers
  • Try aromatherapy (candles, lotion, oils, room spray)


Positive Affirmation: Make it a good day or not; the choice is mine.