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Faculty and Staff Ready to Roll

In preparation for the 2019-20 school year, the Garden City School District conducted a two-day Superintendent’s Conference consisting of a series of staff development workshops and building conferences.

Board of Education members and administrators welcomed back faculty and staff with a breakfast held in the high school cafeteria on the first day of the conference. Board President Angela Heinman welcomed and Superintendent of Schools Kusum Sinha later addressed the entire faculty and staff in the high school auditorium.

Dr. Sinha challenged teachers to think of ways to foster curiosity and inspire their students to ask questions.

“We provide the kind of fertile environment our students need to grow and expand their minds, while exploring the things that interest them,” Dr. Sinha said. “Think of every day as a valuable part of a lifelong journey, fueled by questions and curiosity. This is just not for our students, but also for ourselves. I encourage you to ask questions, too.”

Director of Technology Rita Melikiam also provided an overview of the steps the district has taken in the area of cybersecurity.

Following teacher and paraprofessional association meetings, teachers and staff convened at their respective school buildings to meet with principals and department leaders.

On the second day of the Superintendent’s Conference, K-5 teachers participated in intensive workshops in the Teacher’s College Reading Program, which is being introduced to the primary and elementary grades this year.