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Counseling Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We hope you had a relaxing weekend. Attached is our final Mental Wellness Newsletter for the month of May. Please watch Mrs. Vincent read the book, "A Little Spot of Happiness" by Diane Alber.  We have also included some bonus books by Diane Alber since our students loved them so much. You can watch Diane Alber read her new book, "A Little Spot Stays Home" and also "A Little Spot of Courage".
Please check out the resources in the newsletter. Their are lots of great videos about how to tackle parenting challenges during this difficult time. Their is also an excellent resource for developing a better understanding of what behavioral changes you may see develop in your child during this time and how to navigate them. 
Finally, we have included some fun activities that will help your child communicate their feelings about these uncertain times. Try our "Someday Jar" or the "Covid Time Capsule" as these activities are excellent ways to help children process their feelings about daily events. 
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