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Stratford Avenue School Participates in Constitutional Convention

Students at Stratford Avenue School in Garden City participated in the school’s Constitutional Convention. Each class worked to create a classroom constitution that embodied the school’s four pillars of character: perseverance, citizenship, respect and responsibility. Class constitutions were displayed in the Stratford lobby to provide students with an opportunity to notice and discuss positive behaviors the school values as a community. Class constitutions were also used to develop schoolwide expectations, to help ensure that Stratford is a safe, supportive and positive environment for all.


Following the development of the schoolwide expectations, Assistant Principal Lauren Quezada led grade-wide assemblies during students’ lunch periods to share what students developed. During these assemblies, students engaged in interactive discussions around what it means to demonstrate integrity throughout the school day.  One student shared, “I liked that we were able to share our own ideas and come up with our own expectations. It gave me an opportunity to talk about things that are important to me.”


The Stratford Constitutional Convention allowed students to collaborate and think critically about their school community and how to make it a positive environment for all.