• Please do not drop off your children before 7:30AM for extra-help, library or intramurals. Normal drop-off time for the Middle School is at 8:05AM.

    Important Safety Information
    Parents must refrain from parking/standing cars on both sides of the Front Flag Pole Circle at dismissal time to allow traffic to flow.
    Parents must remain in their cars. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our children safe.

    Car Traffic Flow and Pick-Up of Students
    For safety reasons, car entry onto school grounds will only be through the Stewart Avenue curb entrance. However, after the regular school-day dismissal of buses (approximately 3:30PM) cars may pull up to the sidewalk of the Middle School Library-Cafeteria Entrance for the pick-up of students.

    Parent pick-up of student athletes after practices and games will also take place at the Library-Cafeteria Entrance.

    Car entry onto school grounds remains the same (Stewart Avenue curb entrance) whether pick-up takes place at the front flag circle or library-cafeteria doors.

    For safety reasons, there will be no parent car traffic allowed in the small employee-only Cherry Valley Semi-Circle at any time.

    Also, for safety reasons, students who walk home after athletics, when there is no crossing guard, should ONLY cross at a Traffic Light with a Cross-Walk!


    Students should NOT cross Cherry Valley Avenue when the Garden City Police Department crossing guard is not present.  When there is no crossing guard, students should ONLY cross at a Traffic Light with a Cross-Walk!
    Of course, parents may cross Cherry Valley Avenue WITH their own children at any time.
    The GCPD Crossing Guard will be on duty at arrival and dismissal time.
    As last year, cars are allowed to park/stand in the Cherry Valley Avenue Parent-Faculty Parking lot which is directly across the street from the Middle School's Cherry Valley Avenue Semi-Circle.
    This parking lot is adjacent to the Administration Building's parking lot.

    Railroad Tracks are Dangerous!

    Parents, please speak with your children about the importance of avoiding train tracks!
    Also, please ask your children to tell you if they witness dangerous conduct so you can
    report this to the Garden City Police Department.