• The administration of the SAT exam at Garden City HS scheduled for this Saturday, March 14th has been canceled.


    SAT Update for Garden City HS students only: We will be offering an in-school makeup SAT exam on Tuesday, April 28th.  This makeup exam is ONLY for those students who were registered for the March 14th exam.

    • CollegeBoard will be refunding all registration fees from the March 14th SAT regardless of whether a student takes the makeup exam
    • If you were registered to take the March 14th exam and you plan to take the April 28th makeup, please complete the registration form available in the Counseling Center or using the following link: Makeup registration form.  Please submit the form to the Counseling Center by March 18th.
    • You must use this form to register.  Registration will not be available through CollegeBoard.
    • Cost and method of payment is to be determined.  We will provide you with this information as soon as it is available. 
  • Vision
    Students will:
    Foster a curiosity for learning.
    Engage in productive cognitive struggle.
    Find their individual passions, creativity, and strengths.
    Grow increasingly self-confident.
    Develop appreciation for multiple disciplines and the larger world.
    Collaborate, communicate, and adapt.
    Build respectful relationships.

  • Counselor caseloads are determined alphabetically with some variability depending on class size.

Guidance Dept - Counseling Center Staff

Mandi Stefankiewicz
Assistant Principal for Guidance and PPS
Timothy Casale
Patrick Doyle
Jeanne Kennedy
Natasha Khan
Jim Malone
Karen Whiston
Maureen Imbesi
Kathleen Tietjen
Charmaine Sorbara