The Garden City Guidance and Counseling Department's mission is to promote each student's academic, social, and emotional development, while assisting the student with post-secondary planning. Our focus is to create a collaborative environment with students, educators, and parents by helping students develop the independence necessary to make sound decisions and positive life choices. Inherent in this philosophy is our recognition of the value and uniqueness of every student.

  • Counselor caseloads are determined alphabetically with some variability depending on class size.

Guidance Dept - Counseling Center Staff

Gina Christel
Director of Guidance
Timothy Casale
Counselor, D-Gi
Patrick Doyle
Counselor, A-C
Jeanne Kennedy
Counselor, M-N
Natasha Khan
Counselor, O-Sc
Jim Malone
Counselor, Sc-Z
Karen Whiston
Counselor, Go-L
Debra Franzino
Maureen Imbesi
Joan McAllister
Kathleen Tietjen