Mrs. Jessica Berenbroick & Dr. Jaclyn Shlisky & Ms. Alexa Schultz (Psychology Intern)
    Mrs. Berenbroick and Ms.Schultz work at Stratford daily and are responsible for students in grades 2, 3 & .
    Dr. Shlisky works at Stratford on Wednesdays & Thursdays and is responsible for students in grade 5.

    Mrs. Berenbroick and Ms. Schultz can be reached at (516) 478-1561 and Dr. Shlisky can be reached at (516) 478-1562.  We have personal voicemail services on which you can feel free to leave a detailed message, as we are the only ones who have access to those messages.  If you choose, you may also reach us by calling (516) 478-1500 and leaving a message with the secretary in the main office.