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    Welcome to the wonderful world of second-grade!

    I am happy to be your child's new teacher. Working together as parent and teacher, we will reach new heights in your child's life.

    If your child is absent, call school that morning to let us know. Homework requests should be called in before 11 A.M. for legal absences. It is best to make arrangements with classmates to take home assignments, or homework can be picked up at the end of the school day in the main office. When your child returns to school he/she must bring in an absence note.

    Arrival and Dismissal
    The children's school day begins promptly at 8:10 A.M. Please notify me in writing if your child is not going home in the usual manner. A note is necessary for all dismissal changes. In an emergency, please contact the main office, 478-1400, as early as possible.

    Classroom Expectations
    The success of each student in based on their learning environment. After an introductory lesson on democracy, laws and the Constitution, the students and I worked on a classroom contract whereby rules were child-generated, agreed on by the majority and signed by all.

    Field Trips
    Are planned by the entire second grade level to develop and enhance our second-grade curriculum. Our class parents will phone to remind chaperones of dates and times of our class trips.

    Is usually assigned Monday through Thursday to extend and broaden school experiences, develop skills and reinforce understanding. Homework helps the second-grader develop responsibility by preparing adequately for school each day.

    Spelling homework is part of the child's evening routine:
    Monday - 2x each
    Tuesday - alphabetical order
    Wednesday - first half of words in well-developed, child created sentences
    Thursday - second half of words in sentences

    A typical second-grader should spend, on average, approximately thirty minutes on homework. In addition, children are expected to read nightly and keep a log of books read which I collect with their monthly book report.

    Recess and Lunch
    11:30-12:20 Make sure children's lunch bags are clearly labeled. Recess is twenty-five minutes outdoors, weather permitting. They have twenty-five minutes to eat lunch.

    Place any money for school trips, book clubs or to Class Parents in sealed, labeled envelopes. If you have concerns about financial issues regarding fees for school supplies or trips please contact Ms. Norton about subsidies.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Are scheduled by the school district in November and March. Should you need to meet with me at other times of the year, please contact me. Jot a note in your child's homework book should you have any questions or concerns. I will see notes before I'll see emails, most likely.

    We are happy to celebrate many holidays and your child's birthday during snack time in our classroom. For example, you may send in a small ziplock bag with a healthy snack for each child such as grapes or strawberries or cut up celery and carrot sticks to assist us in reinforcing our Wellness Policy. Or you may donate a read aloud book, in your child's name, to the class. Or you may prefer to give a pencil to each classmate in lieu of food. Of course, if you choose, cupcakes are acceptable; napkins are appreciated as well. Children already have drinks at snack time.

    Please send in a small, healthy snack each day. For those who do NOT order milk and water in school, please also send a drink with the snack in a clearly labeled bag.

    What Makes Mrs. Guiry's Second Grade Special

    Career Week
    To enrich our career development curriculum, I invite parents to sign up to share their careers at home or in the work force with our students. Sign up is at Back to School Night in September.

    Challenge Time
    When children complete assignments they can earn Challenge Time activities that meet their individual needs. Students many choose ELA, Computer, Math, Social Studies, Science games or puzzles and work at their own pace.

    Class Pet
    We have a class “pet” -- a stuffed teddy bear. Your child will have a turn to take the “pet” home for the weekend. This is a special writing opportunity for your child. I encourage the children to write about their weekend with the bear. Children may include a drawing or photo as part of their writing assignment with the class pet.

    Star of the Week
    Each week a student will be showcased on my Star of the Week Bulletin Board. Your child may bring in pictures and drawings to post on the bulletin board and items to share in order for our class to learn more about our classmate. Star of the Week encourages self-esteem and individuality as well as bringing children together as friends as they notice similarities in classmates' pets, sports, or hobbies.

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