All safety rules must be followed in all physical education areas.

    Students should be aware of their surroundings.

    Report any issue to a Physical Education teacher.

    Teachers will safety check equipment set up.

    Proper Technique and Body Awareness will be taught to insure injury prevention.

    ü          Any accidents or injuries must be reported to your instructor immediately.

    ü          Students are expected to dress in proper attire and sneakers for each physical education class. If a child does not wear sneakers, they must sit out.  3 times of missed sneakers results in a reduction in effort grade.

                Sneakers must be tied properly and tight at all times.

                Jewelry is not permitted.   Place jewelry on the radio cart, it will remain there until you pick it up.

    ü          A parent’s note is required in order to modify or restrict a student’s activity. A parent note is good  for one class. Anything requiring modification beyond one class requires a doctor’s note and needs to be handed in to the nurse.

    ü       If a child has a doctor’s note, they must sit out of physical education and recess until the doctor specifies what activities can or cannot be permitted or when they are cleared to return to regular P.E.

    ü         Inappropriate physical education class behavior will not be tolerated. This includes any activity that causes physical, emotional, or mental harm to others. A warning will be issued to the student and a second offense that same day sits them for five minutes from the class.  They must also write their name in a behavior book explaining why they have been sat out.

    ü          Students may not enter any physical education activity area without permission.

    ü        All physical education equipment must be used in the manner prescribed by the activity, rules, and instructor.  No equipment should be used without teacher permission.  Please report any equipment damage or wear to your teacher immediately.

    ü          No food or drinks, other than water, are permitted in any physical education activity area.

    ü          Gum chewing is not permitted.

    ü          Do not bring money or valuables or toys to class.