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    CC Geometry R: Friday Morning 7 am Rm. 175
                                      Thursday Afternoon 2:45 pm Rm. 126

    CC Algebra 2H: Wednesday Morning 7 am Rm. 175

    **Please visit my google classroom for updated extra-help times**

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  • **Remind101 will be used to remind students about announcements throughout the school year. All announcements are made in class, therefore signing up for Remind101 is not required.
    **Google Classroom will be used throughout the year to post classwork handouts, homework worksheets, and asnwer keys.
  • Each student's average is calculated using a “point system.” You can determine your quarter grade by dividing the points you have earned by the total points possible and then multiplying by 100. Tests and quizzes are worth 90% and homework is worth 10% of your quarter grade.

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