• Mrs. Gullotta and the Garden City
    High School Orchestra

  •  All pertinent information can be found on your Orchestra Google Classroom. In addition:

    Mrs. Gullotta offers extra help before 0 Period any morning and after school on Thursday upon request.

    Sign up for Remind 101: 540-579-7748 @mrsgullot

  • Grading Policy

    Grading in High School Orchestra for all four quarters for this year is determined as follows:

    Two playing exams worth 20 points each, two lessons worth 5 points each. Google Classroom assignments worth 10 points. The remaining 40 points is for participation which includes performance in class, willingness to contribute to class discussions, bringing in an instrument for orchestra, attitude and behavior, attentiveness and punctuality/attendance. The participation grade may fluctuate over the quarter dependent on the student's compliance with the aspects of participation.

    Playing exams (20 points each) are based on a rubric that assesses for 5 points each: intonation, rhythm, tempo, expression/tone.