• Willkommen auf der Website von Dr. Cerar
    Kontakt: cerarz@gcufsd.net
  • Extra-help: Thursday mornings at 7:00 A.M. in Rm. 110 and most mornings by appointment.
  • Grading System
    Homework is assigned at a minimum of three times per week. Homework is not only written homework but may also be preparation for oral quizzes, tests or projects.Homework is always graded individually with a numerical grade or rubric.Homework is counted as 15% of grade and parents can expect a phone call home if homework is not done and handed in on time.When a student is absent, homework missed is due within two days of the return to school.
    Tests: 40%
    Quizzes: 30%
    Presentations/Dialogues/Oral grades: 15%
    Homework 15%