• Self-Directed Learning Resources for April 9 and 10

    The period of remote learning has been full of challenges and opportunities for students, their families, and for educators. Our goal has been to help maintain structure in students’ daily lives and to continue to help them learn and grow.

    This week also brings religious holidays important to so many families. This is an opportunity to maintain vital family traditions and celebrate with loved ones, virtually and in-person. Many students may want to take a break from the daily routine. 

    We hope that the resources on this page will help students engage in enriching self-directed activities. The activities are ungraded, and everyone is invited to enjoy the fun learning they have to offer. The resources and activities are organized in the following categories:

    Students can upload their responses, with your permission, by completing this Google Form: Self-Directed Creations Students can upload each time they wish to submit a response. Remember, this work will not be graded. All students’ creations will be saved and eventually published as a celebration of what they have created!