• NWEA Information for Parents



    What is the NWEA?  

    The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is an educational services organization based in Portland, Oregon. The company developed research based computerized adaptive assessments for students. The assessments are growth based informative instructional tools for teachers and students alike. NWEA results provide the teachers and students with immediate results that can be utilized in the classroom to target student learning and focus on student needs.


    What are the NWEA assessments?

    In Garden City, we use the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Growth tests in grades 1 through 8.  The MAP tests are computerized, adaptive tests offered in Reading, Language and Math. 

    • If your child answers a question correctly, the test follows up with a more challenging question.
    • If your child answers incorrectly, the test follows up with an easier question.

    Adaptive tests make it possible for teachers to pinpoint what each child needs in order to learn best. 

    They are given at multiple points throughout the school year to provide teachers with a measure of student growth in achievement, and allow for more focused teaching and learning.