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    think Approach unsolicited e-mails with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    1. Try to avoid opening spam e-mails in the first place, even if they arrive in your inbox. Instead, ignore and delete them.
    2. Scrutinize the grammar and language used in the body of the e-mails you do open to determine their authenticity.
    3. Always check the From Address to make sure it legitimately matches the name of the sender.
    4. Do not reply if you are suspicious that a message is not actually from the named person. Instead, generate a new message to the known person’s legitimate e-mail address, and ask them about the suspect message.
    5. Do not click on links within a spam e-mail unless you are trying to opt out of being on their mailing list.
    6. Never provide any personal information, contact information such as cell phone number, user names, or passwords in response to any e-mail.
    7. Contact the IT department if you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of an e-mail or a website.