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    Dear 7th and 8th Grade Parents and Athletes,                                                                       


    I hope that this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy during these times.  I just wanted to provide you with a couple of important dates and requirements that go along with the start of the Middle School Spring Sports Season which will begin on Monday, May 3rd, 2021.


    The goal for this season is to be able to provide our 7th and 8th grade students with the opportunity to participate and compete within a safe and enjoyable environment.


    Students interested in trying out (7th & 8th graders only) for a spring sports team must attend a brief meeting (Students Only) after school on Monday, May 3rd, 2021.  This meeting will allow our athletes the opportunity to meet the coaches, go over the tryout procedures, be sure that they are cleared through “FamilyID” and understand the safety requirements that will be implemented to help allow for a smooth start to the season.


    The sports being offered include:

    Girls –

    7th Grade Lacrosse Team, 8th Grade Lacrosse Team, 7/8th Grade Combo Lacrosse Team,

    7th Grade Softball Team, 8th Grade Softball Team

    7/8th Grade Combo Track Team


    Boys –

    7th Grade Lacrosse Team, 8th Grade Lacrosse Team, 7/8th Grade Combo Lacrosse Team,

    7th Grade Baseball Team, 8th Grade Baseball Team, 7/8th Grade Combo Baseball Team,

    7/8th Grade Combo Track Team


    Drop off for those athletes who are fully remote or hybrid will be at 3:30 by the main entrance at the front of the school by the flag pole.

    The actual tryouts will begin for all spring sports after school on May 4th, 2021.

    Tryouts and team practices throughout the season for all sports will be Monday-Friday from 3:30- to about 5:15.

    The completed game schedule for the season will be posted on the middle school athletic website by May 11th, 2021.

    For more information please visit our website: 


    Have a wonderful day,

    Mike Tullo

    GCMS Middle School Coordinator


    Participating On A Team:

    Student athletes must be in attendance for either full day live in-school learning or full day remote learning to qualify to attend practices/games.  Any extenuating circumstance must be approved by the administration.  

    Prior to the start of practice/tryouts student athletes will be asked to complete and show the coaches their daily completion of the Garden City School District COVID 19 Questionnaire: 




    The coach will designate a meeting location for the team to meet each day prior to the start of practices or games.

    Each day student-athletes must provide a face covering that will be worn that covers both the nose and mouth during activity. This also includes when traveling from the gymnasium to any other location in the Middle School. We recommend bringing extra face masks in case one breaks during activity. 

    Each day student-athletes are responsible for bringing their own water bottle and clean athletic gear (practice and game apparel).

    Failure to bring your own water-bottle will result in not participating in the team activity that day. 

    Locker-rooms will be used only for athletes that need to change.

    Athletes will be admitted into the locker room in small groups so that social distancing can be achieved.

    The locker rooms are off limits for storing any equipment over night or during the activity.

    All equipment must be brought to and from school every day.

    The locker rooms should be viewed as a “changing room” for the purpose of this season.

    Athletes are encouraged to come to school dressed and ready to participate when possible. 

    Bathrooms that are next to the locker rooms will also be open and accessible. (No more than 2 at a time)  

    Shelving units will be in the hallways outside of the locker rooms for athletes to store their equipment on during the school day.

    These shelves will be numbered and will be available on a first come first serve basis each day.


    Prior to the start of the team event each student-athlete will be required to either wash their hands with soap & water for no less than 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.

    Student-athletes and Coaches will be required to again use hand sanitizer at each water break, and at the conclusion of practice before exiting and going home for the day.

    Backpacks and other belongings that are brought to school will be placed in a designated area determined by your coach. 

    As a student-athlete, if you are not feeling well, please be sure that your parents contact the coach and medical personnel (School Nurses) prior to showing up to a practice/tryout or game.  Failure to act responsibly could make others sick and subject the entire team to quarantining.


    Breaks in Practice/Tryouts: 

    Team Meetings (i.e. Instruction):

    Student-athletes must wear masks at all times and must maintain 6’ of social distancing. 

    Water breaks: 

    Student-athletes are to walk to their pre-assigned designated area with their mask on.  Once they are at their designated area they can remove the mask for water and upon completion of drinking put their mask back on. 

    Prior to resuming next team activity (i.e. drill) each student athlete must sanitize their hands 

    Mask break:

    If a student-athlete needs a mask break, they must notify the coach and go to their designated area before removing their mask.

    Before returning to the team activity the student-athlete must sanitize their hands.  

    Hand Sanitizing Stations will be setup out on the fields.

    All equipment will be disinfected both prior and after each practice or game.

    Equipment will be split into a 7thand 8th grade team groupings.  

    Each school will provide their own equipment for pregame warmups.


    On Home Game Days:

    Garden City Middle School Athletes will meet in their designated area so that attendance will be taken. 

    If you are remote learning, you will follow the same protocols for practice days and show the coaches your daily completion of Garden City School District COVID Questionnaire. 

    Student-athletes, coaches, and other support personnel will be required to wash their hands with soap & water for no less than 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before the start of practice. 

    Opposing teams will be sitting on opposite sides.

    All athletes must sit 6 feet apart from one another to maintain social distancing.

    The clock operator and score keepers must all socially distant and wear face coverings. 

    Hand sanitizers will be provided at the scorer’s table for student-athletes to use prior to entering onto the court.  

    Pre-Game Warm-ups:

    Each team will be provided with time to warm up on their half of the field prior to the games or matches starting. 


    Coaches must remain on their side of the field.


    No shaking of hands, fist bumps or hugging is allowed. 

    A wave thanking the other team and officials would work with everyone wearing appropriate face covering.

    Away Games:

    Prior to boarding the bus for travel, student-athletes will be asked to show coaches their daily completion of Garden City School District COVID Questionnaire. 

    Transportation To and From 

    Masks must be worn during the entire duration of travel 

    1 team per bus 

    Adhering to Home school’s COVID 19 protocols

    The Coach will reach out to the opposing school no later than 48 hrs prior to the game to inquire about the visiting schools COVID requirements

    Staff Requirements:

    Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Athletic Trainers, and Support Personnel must wear masks at all times. 

    If Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Athletic Trainers, Support Personnel, are not feeling well they are responsible for contacting the designated report person prior to showing up to a practice/tryout or game.  Failure to act responsibly could jeopardize the entire team whom they are assigned to work with and have them quarantine.

    All Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Athletic Trainers, Support Personnel Officials will be required to comply with GC Schools COVID-19 Questionnaire and temperature checks will be taken upon arrival. 


    The district is limiting two spectators per participant.

    We will be allowing members of the senior class to attend all athletic home games. 

    For football, we will have 2 spectators per GC participants for home fans only.  Due to the large number of home participants, we cannot accommodate away fans at this time.

    For all other sports, other than football, we will welcome 2 spectators per participant for home and away fans. 

    All spectators will be required to wear a mask and follow safety guidelines.

    We may need to make adjustments as needed to our plans.  

    The Team Tryout Criteria and Requirements can be found on the Middle School Athletic Webpage. 




     The Garden City Middle School Athletic Program is designed to supplement the school’s academic program
    with a wide variety of student activities.