Garden City Middle School Athletics
    98 Cherry Valley Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530
    516-478-3000 Ext. 5


    Michael Tullo

    Middle School Athletic Coordinator


     The Garden City Middle School Athletic Program is designed to supplement the school’s academic program
    with a wide variety of student activities.


    Dear Parents/Guardians of 7th and 8th Grade Students,

    I hope that this letter finds you and your family enjoying a safe, happy and healthy school year.  To be sure that everyone involved has a smooth start to the Winter I Season, please review the information below:

    All students must be medically cleared in order to participate. 

    • New York State requires that we have a current sports physical on record (one exam per school year). The Middle School sports physicals took place in June 2018.  If your child did not attend you must be sure that you had your private healthcare provider complete your child’s physical using the Garden City Medical Evaluation/Physical Form (white) which can be found on the athletic webpage middleschool.gardencity.k12.ny.us/ or in the Middle School’s Nurses Office.  This form must be submitted to the Middle School Nurses Office c/o Lorraine Phillips no later than 11/2/18.
    • The Athletic Health History/Permission Form (green) must be completed and signed by a Parent/Guardian (one per season).  It must be signed and submitted to the Middle School Nurses Office c/o Lorraine Phillips no later than 11/2/18.


    11/05/18 – 01/14/19

    • A Preseason Meeting for all athletes will take place on 11/05/18 after school from 3:20 to 4:00 in the big gym.
    • Team Tryouts will begin 11/07/18 (There will be no sports on 11/6/18).
    • What Teams are being offered:

             o   Girls – 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball (2 Teams) and  Coed. Winter Track (1 Team)

             o   Boys – 7th and 8th Grade Basketball (2 Teams) and Coed Winter Track (1 Team)

    • Team Tryout Criteria and Requirements can be found on the Middle School Athletic Webpage.
    • Please note that Coed Winter Track will practice Mon-Fri from 3:30-5:00 both indoors and outdoors so be sure that the athletes have clothing for both.
    • Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball Alternate Practice times due to Gym Space. Both teams will practice Mon-Fri from either 3:30-5:00 or 5:00-6:30.  For those athletes that are practicing in the 5:00-6:30 timeslot they must go home after school and then return for practice.
    • A complete practice schedule will be sent home once teams are set.
    • For the week of 11/5/18
      • Monday- Sports Meeting For All Athletes 3:20-4:00 in the Big Gym (Pick-Up by the Fitness Center)
      • Tuesday- No Sports
      • Wednesday- Girls Volleyball both 7th and 8th grade will practice from 3:30-5:00
        • Boys Basketball both 7th and 8th grade will practice from 5:00-6:30
      • Thursday- Girls Volleyball both 7th and 8th grade will practice from 3:30-5:00
        • Boys Basketball both 7th and 8th grade will practice from 5:00-6:30
      • Friday- Girls Volleyball both 7th and 8th grade will practice from 3:30-5:00
        • Boys Basketball both 7th and 8th grade will practice from 5:00-6:30


    Thank you for your attention to this matter,

    Mike Tullo

    GCMS Athletic Coordinator




    Modified Sport Seasons and Teams


    Teams: Girls – Soccer, Field Hockey and Girls Cross Country
    Boys – Football, Soccer and Boys Cross Country


    Winter I:
    Teams: Girls – Volleyball and Co-Ed. Winter Track
    Boys – Basketball and Co-Ed. Winter Track


    Winter II:
    Teams: Girls – Basketball
    Boys – Wrestling and Volleyball


    Teams: Girls – Lacrosse, Softball, and Track & Field
    Boys – Lacrosse, Baseball and Track & Field

     Frequently Asked Questions: 

    With Regards To The Team Selection Process

    • All MS students are required to try out for positions on interscholastic athletic teams. Team selections are based on selection criteria (sometimes referred to as rubrics or assessments), which address the sport-specific skills and abilities needed to play the sport and, in some cases, performance benchmarks (i.e., the level of performance in the skills and abilities) required to make a given team. Students will be notified of the selection criteria prior to trying out. It is the Athletic Program’s goal to maximize student participation in athletics. At present, many of the MS teams can accommodate the large number of students who try out. However, this does not guarantee that every student who tries out for a team will be placed on a team. Student-athletes must demonstrate a strong commitment to both team and player development before being placed on a team. Each Athlete will recieve a minimum on 3 days of tryouts prior to a decision being made (*).  Furthermore, once a player is selected for a team, it is his/her responsibility to maintain that commitment for continued team and individual improvement.

    * This will be further discussed at the preseason meetings with the athletes 

    With Regards To Student-Athlete Playing Time

    • Student-athletes in the Garden City MS Interscholastic Athletic Program earn playing time for game and scrimmage situations by, first, being a member in good standing of the school community. Second, a student-athlete must attend practice and work to the best of his/her ability. Third, a student-athlete must be a team player and execute the specific role assigned to him/her by the coach. Fourth, a student-athlete must demonstrate a commitment to fair-play and sportsmanship at all times. And finally, a student-athlete must support the team by contributing in a positive way to the team’s learning environment. In other words, the student-athlete must focus on learning tasks and assignments and not disrupt other players.


    With Regards To Student-Athlete and Parent Responsibilities

    • Participation in athletics, even at the modified level, requires a substantial commitment by those involved, i.e., athletes, coaches, and parents. All MS athletic programs will meet either five or six days a week depending on practices or games. Student-athletes need to prepare themselves for this next level of athletic competition by keeping up with their school work and using their free time wisely.


    With Regards To The Middle School Eligibility Requirements

    • MS student-athletes are required to be a member in good standing in the school academic and social community. Student-athletes must be up-to-date with their academic requirements and performing at an acceptable level for their abilities. Student-athletes must also be free of disciplinary problems and referrals. When necessary, a review of a student-athlete’s case will be handled by the MS Eligibility Committee (i.e., coach, guidance counselor, school administrator, and the MS athletic coordinator). Contingency programs and consequences will be established and monitored by the Eligibility Committee. The overriding purpose of this program is to be pro-active and supportive in its approach and not punitive, thereby helping the student-athlete over-come his/her difficulty.  However, in severe cases where the student-athlete makes little or no effort to help him/herself, he/she can be removed from extracurricular sports participation.

    Grading Policy:

    • If a student is missing 3 or more homework assignments, is late handing in a project, or in danger of failing 1 or more subjects, the student will be suspended from the team until all of the required work is completed.

    Discipline Policy:

    • If a student is assigned to a detention they will not be eligible to participate in athletics the day that they serve it.
    • In severe cases where the student-athlete receives in-school suspension, out of school suspension, 3 Detentions in the same season, or another significant disciplinary consequence, they will not be eligible to play or practice the day that they serve and will also be suspended for at least one additional game.
    • Any athlete who violates the policies above can also be removed from extracurricular sports participation upon review by the MS Eligibility Committee.

    With Regards To School Attendance

    • Students shall not attend any school activities including clubs and sports on a particular day if:

    oThey are absent from school that day.

    oThey arrive late to school and miss their first period class.

    oThey cut one or more classes.

    oThey are dismissed from school.


    • If a student arrives to school after first period they must provide a physician’s note in order to participate that day.
    • Dismissals for appointments with physicians or other administratively approved dismissals will allow the student to be eligible. 
    • A student must also participate in Physical Education to be eligible on a particular day.


    ****A student must be in school for at least 4 periods and return before the end of last period in order to participate**** 


    With Regards To Physical Education Requirements

    • Student-athletes are required to participate in their regularly scheduled physical education classes. A student-athlete who does not attend or participate in physical education is ineligible for extracurricular sports activities for that day.


    With Regards To Medical Injury Clearance

    • If a student-athlete receives an injury, he/she may not return to athletic participation until he/she submits a medical clearance note from a medical doctor to the MS Health Office.
    • Please go to the Nurse’s Webpage for information with regards to Sports Physicals and Health Forms.

     With Regards to student pick-up                                                                                                                                      

    • Students will be dismissed from the new gymnasium exits only which are located behind the cafeteria.  With the new parking lot and the coaches supervising this area we feel that it is much safer than to have our athletes picked-up here rather than having them cross Cherry Valley Avenue after they have completed their practice or game.