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    Sandra Schneider
    Contact Info: (516) 478-1720

    My name is Sandra Schneider and I am the School Nurse at Homestead School. Your child’s health and safety are always my first priority. I am available during school hours for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s health. Please feel free to contact me by telephone (516) 478-1720 . You can leave a message on my voicemail at any time and I will return your call promptly.



    I am responsible for the Attendance Records at Homestead.  Please notify me directly at 478-1720  before 8:30 AM if your child will be absent or late for any reason (illness, vacation, doctor’s appointments etc). Please send me a note for extended absences stating the reason for absence. Please inform me directly if your child has a Communicable Illness, Injury, Hospitalization, Medication or any condition that may require medical attention or follow up during school hours.



    All students entering Kindergarten or new entrants to kindergarten and first grade cannot begin school unless they meet the New York State Immunization Requirements for school entrance. Please send your child’s complete immunization record to me directly when you register your child for school so that it may be checked for compliance with N.Y.S. law.


    Physical Examination Report/Medical Evaluation

    A physical is required on all students entering Kindergarten, new entrants and first grade. The physical for this year must not be more than 1 year prior to the first day of school (for this year not before September  4, 2017) The Physical Exam Report or Medical Evaluation* should be completely filled in and signed by  both parent and Health Care Provider. It should include the BMI/Weight Status Category.  The physical is due no later than October 1, 2018.  Please contact me if you are having difficulty scheduling a physical with your Health Care Provider and/or you would like to schedule the required physical with the school district physician.



    A  Medication Authorization Form* is required to give any medication (including over the counter meds) during school hours. All sections of the form must be completely filled out and signed by both parent and Healthcare Provider.  The medication must be delivered by an adult and be in the original pharmacy label and packaging. A new form must be completed each school year.


    Vision and Hearing Screening

    I am always available during the school day for your child’s medical needs. I complete a Vision and Hearing Screening on all students from early October through December but can screen your child at any time during the school year if you have a concern.

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