• Guidance Philosophy 

    The Garden City Counseling Department's mission is to promote each student's academic, social, and emotional development, while assisting the student with post-secondary planning.  Our focus is to create a collaborative environment with students, educators, and parents by helping students develop the independence necessary to make sound decisions and positive life choices.  Inherent in this philosophy is our recognition of the value and uniqueness of every student. 
    Guidance Phone: 478-3020

    District Guidance Coordinator:
    Mrs. Ingoglia  ingogliam@gcufsd.net 
    Mr. Tumminello tumminellov@gcufsd.net

    Mrs. Weiner  weinerr@gcufsd.net 
    School Psychologists:
    Mrs. Burke  burkek3@gcufsd.net

    Dr. Mendelson  mendelsonm@gcufsd.net
    School Social Worker:
    Mr. Baker  bakerk@gcufsd.net