• August 2021

    Dear GCHS Students,

    The challenges of the last two school years because of the pandemic have caused us to make adaptations to the way we teach and learn in schools. Even though we have explored new ways to complete tasks and communicate with one another, we also learned that there is no substitute for in-person connections and the development of relationships with each other. Even with these challenges, we have strived to provide a comprehensive educational program for all of our students, a program that allows our students to be successful as they navigate high school and beyond.

    We are always looking to improve. We are always looking for the next challenge and the next adventure that will allow us to make ourselves better. We look onward and upward in everything we do. Onward and upward means “toward a better condition or higher level”, “becoming increasingly successful and continuing to advance or make progress”. This is what we envision for Garden City High School. This is what we intend to do.


    Kevin Steingruebner

    Kevin Steingruebner



    August 2020
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    Dear Students, We have been faced with great challenges during the pandemic. We could have allowed the vicissitudes of this spring to bring our ability to move education forward to a halt, or at least slow us down, but we have not! Even before school closed in March the teachers of Garden City High School were making adjustments to increase the use of technology in their classrooms. Our plan was to make sure students would continue their classes as seamlessly as possible, even if we were not all together in the building. It wasn’t perfect, and we all had to adapt in order to be successful, and we all need to continue to do so as we move into this 2020-2021 school year. We gain more intelligence as we adapt, and become stronger and more resilient with every obstacle we overcome. Nobody knows how this school year will play out, but we will do our best to make the experiences for Garden City High School students as great as they can be! Our faculty is dedicated to working with you no matter the forum we are operating under. We must all continue to function with flexibility in mind, as news and information changes about the situation in society and around the world. This is a learning experience for all of us, and one that we will do together! I look forward to meeting these challenges and helping to guide you through them!
    Kevin Steingruebner
    Kevin Steingruebner
    Principal, GCHS
    August, 2019   
    I am pleased to be part of a team of amazing educators at GCHS. The success of our school as a whole can be attributed to the high expectations met by many different parts working together. Our accolades range from academic success, like having the highest percentage of students in the state graduating with an Advanced Regents Diploma, to athletics, where we are state and county champs in multiple sports every year, to music & arts and volunteer service, which include hundreds of our students involved in activities and fundraising that benefit the community near and far.
    It is important to me that every student feels welcome and comfortable at GCHS on a daily basis. My hope is that the culture of GCHS allows individuals to pursue their studies and participate in activities that are meaningful to them and will help them grow to be more productive and confident.
    Our theme this year is #BelieveYouCan. It is derived from Teddy's Roosevelt's quote "Believe you can, and you're halfway there". It is another indicator that we all need to be in a positive mental state to move forward and achieve our goals. 
    Our website has lots of information and links to resources. Follow us on Twitter for up to date news and announcements.
    I am honored by the opportunity to serve the community as GCHS Principal.
    Thank you, 
    Kevin Steingruebner
    Kevin Steingruebner
    Principal, GCHS


    July, 2019

    Dear Parents,

    I am happy to report that my role in the Principal’s office has begun!  

    The administrative team at GCHS has a new look and is prepared to serve you and your students fairly and thoughtfully.  Mr. Perrotta and I have been working together for the last ten years and are glad to welcome Martin Malone on board.  Mr. Malone has previously served as an Assistant Principal in an interim role in the GC Middle School and Stewart School. 

    Our priority is to make the Garden City HS experience a meaningful and successful one within an environment that is safe and manageable for all of our students.  I look forward to continuing the positive impact I have had on the GCHS community, and serving you and the students even better.

    I am available during the summer along with other high school staff members to assist with any questions or concerns you have.  Our website is continually being updated and has a variety of resources, including information about summer assignments under each department’s homepage. You can also follow our Twitter account for the latest HS related announcements and ongoing notifications. (https://twitter.com/Garden_City_HS)

    I look forward to continuing my journey in Garden City and seeing you during the school year!

    Kevin Steingruebner




    "To do more for the world than the world does for you - that is success." - Henry Ford

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