• Dear Parents,

    I began the school year by visting each classroom and reading aloud the book Fill a Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children by Carol McLoud. The children learned and shared many ideas of how they can be bucket fillers everyday, such as asking someone to play with them at recess, helping someone pick up their crayons, bringing a friend to the nurse. I then asked each first-grade class to create a class book on Bucket Filling. Every morning on the annoucements, I read a student's page to remind all the chidlren at Homestead how they can be bucket fillers in the classroom, on the bus, in the lunchroom, and at recess everyday. They all know when they fill someone else's bucket, theirs gets filled too! In January, the first-grade classes will assist the kindergarten classes in writing their class books on Bucket Filling, and we will have another hundred pages of students' bucket filling ideas to proudly read on the announcements for the second half of the year! We appreciate your support throughout the year in encouraging and recognizing our students to be bucket fillers and make Homestead the best place it can be!



    Dr. Suzanne Viscovich

                                                                              Bucket Fillers