•   Welcome to the 5th grade Stewart and Stratford health, hygiene and human growth program. 




    Topics covered: 

    • when to expect the onset of puberty

    • physical and emotional changes of puberty

    • the importance of good hygiene and healthy habits

    • the maturation of the female and male reproductive system

    • maintaining health through good nutrition and exercise

    • menstruation

    • showing empathy towards others male and female


    Book recommendations:


    • book1 The girls Body book:3rd edition                                         book2                                                                                                                                                                     The care and keeping of you: American girl                                      




    The boys body book: 3rd edition


                                              Website recommendations: 

    Kids health.org

         Girls health.gov

    Healthy children (American Academy of Pediatrics)                                                                             



     Please contact Jen Soper at soperj@gcufsd.net with any questions