German 8 contract

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German 8 Quizzes/Tests

  • Nov 25 - Test: Book pages 302, 309, 311-314: Vocabulary, Prefix verbs and compound nouns. Exercises:

    1. Fill in the missing house chores

    2. Write 3 sentences describing chores you are doing at home

    3. Fill in the prefixes into the sentences

    4. Combine 2 nouns from two different lists to create compound nouns

    Oct 30 - Quiz: Vocabulary quiz through listening exercises

    1. Multiple choice: Listen to dialogues and answer content questions

    2. Complete sentences with missing word (you will hear the missing words)

    Oct 18 - Test: Review packet (review from German 7)

    Test items:

    1. Fill in the interview (questions or answers)

    2. Fill in the verb ending or full verb

    3. Fill in the correct form of the modal verb

    4. Fill in the missing family members

    5. Combine two opposite adjectives

    6. Fill in the hobby from the vocabulary box

    7. Fill the restaurant vocabulary from the box into the dialogue

    Oct 8 - Quiz: Interview questions and answers