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German 7 Quizzes/Tests

  • Nov 25 - Test: Vocabulary pages 160-164 and verb conjugation (4 exercises):

    1. Fill in countries or the language.

    2. Read a paragraph and mark the statements true/false.

    3. Choose the correct conjugated form (multiple choice)

    4. Fill in the conjugated form of a given verb.

    Oct 30 - Quiz: Vocabulary quiz through listening exercises

    1. Multiple choice: Complete sentences with correct word/expression

    2. Complete sentences with missing word (you will hear the missing words)

    Oct 18 - Test: Review packet (review from German 6)

    Test items:

    1. Fill in the statement or question as full sentences    

    2. Write sentences in the correct word order                

    3. Fill in the correct verb ending                                 

    4. Write numbers as words                                       

    5. Write the colors each picture represents                       

    6. Fill in the missing family members

    7. Combine school subject words with matching pictures 

    8. Combine hobbys with matching pictures

    9. Combine seasons and months with matching pictures

     Oct 8 - Quiz: Word order in sentences