Recreation Connections Club

The Recreation Connections Club - Mr. Caputo and Mr. Camilleri - Tuesdays, 3:20-4:30 - Room 251

  • The Recreation Connections Club offers students the opportunity to build teamwork and positive communication skills through interactive activates that vary from games and sports to role-playing and volunteer activities. Throughout the year, the students will be provided with opportunities to utilize computers to share their interests in games or interactive websites, interact through organized gameplay in the gyms and as both large and small groups play both traditional board games (Scrabble, Checkers, Battleship, etc...) as well as non-traditional (Nok hockey, Scategories, Heads Up, etc...) . Discussions are held at times to promote interaction and when necessary students are reminded of the importance of interacting with peers and adults in a socially appropriate manner. The activities are designed to foster students' understanding of the importance of working together to accomplish tasks.