• Welcome to Honors Chemistry!

    This year you will learn about matter and its composition, a variety of chemical reactions, and nuclear chemistry.  You'll also develop your problem-solving and analytical abilities.  We have planned a series of lab activities to highlight concepts learned in the course and help familiarize you with laboratory procedures and techniques.  As a prerequisite for taking the Chemistry Regents Examination, students must have successfully completed 1200 minutes of laboratory experience with satisfactory reports on file.

  • Dr. Meredith Foley

    (516) 478-2449

  • Honors Chemistry Textbook:

    Zumdahl, S. S., Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 5th ed., Houghton Mifflin, 2004.

    ISBN # 0-618-30499-1

  • Extra Help will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 AM.  The sessions will be held in Room 200. Other meeting times can be made by appointment.

  • Honors Chemistry Grading Policy:

    Tests: 50%
    Quizzes: 25%
    Homework/Classwork: 10%
    Labs: 15%

  • Google Classroom Code:  wsgik4n


    All course materials (e.g., lecture notes, hw assignments, additional reading material) will be posted to Google Classroom or Google Drive.