• GC Cares Program:

    Garden City Cares (GC Cares) was initiated in 2014.  GC Cares is a program that was developed to promote student civic responsibility and foster positive relationships as well as communication among peers.  The goal of the program is to get 100 percent student participation.  There are three levels of participation.  The first level, bronze, requires students to complete ten hours of community service.  The second level, silver, constitutes 15 hours of service.  The highest level, gold, requires students to complete 20 hours or more of service.   The event has a kick off assembly in the auditorium during HomeBase.  A presentation is shown to the students with pictures of students helping in and around the community.  Students track their hours on a community service leadership form. The form includes date, description, and the number of hours of service.  Pictures are always recommended.  Parents are emailed the details of the program on the day of the assembly.  Leadership forms are returned back to the school on Pay It Forward Day.  Recognition of all participants is shared with the school.