• ABC Expo:

    The Anti-Bullying Expo is an event that is held in the GCMS Library each spring.  The expo, sponsored by the school’s Anti-Bullying club, has a different theme each year.  Previous themes have included, Wizard of Oz, Safari, Broadway, and a Luau. This year’s theme is Under the Sea.  In honor of the event, HomeBase classes construct an anti-bullying sculpture that is displayed in the library. There are over 1,200 visitors that view the expo each year. There is a parent Open House in the evening of the first day.  Fifth-grade students from both Stewart School and Stratford School visit the expo each year. Expo activities include the displaying of a school-wide character-building/bully prevention quilt, team building tasks, bully pledge cards, letter writing stations, individuality corners, empathy-building stations, and a voting booth for the HomeBase anti-bullying sculptures.