• LEADERS Program:

    The LEADERS program is a program that started over 10 years ago.  The acronym LEADERS is as follows:

    Leave No-one out

    Empower Yourself

    Amuse with Humor

    Distract the Bully

    Enlist Help

    Rumors Stop with You

    Support the Victim

    Each HomeBase typically has two or more LEADERS enroll in the program.  A student may apply to become a LEADER through their HomeBase teacher.  LEADERS attend six workshops a year in the library during their lunch period under the direction of both Keegan Baker, GCMS Social Worker and Kim Greenwald, Teacher.    The student LEADERS will learn various activities that they can present to their HomeBase classmates.  Each activity promotes learning on bully prevention, character development, and community service.  Some topics that LEADERS are trained on include the following: cyber-bullying, sportsmanship, name calling, popularity/cliques, the power of kindness, community responsibility, and more. As each year passes, new topics are added to address current issues in bullying.