• Government and Politics 12: Course Guidelines

    Mr. Finnell



    Textbook:  American Government: A Complete Coursebook (Great Source Education Group)


    Course Description:


    This Government course covers the fundamental and advanced concepts in government, political parties, elections, civil liberties, and public policy.  This course encourages students to study government principles and the social structures that are influenced by political policy.  Additionally, how our government’s policies influence the daily lives of people and society.


    Course Requirements:

    Students are expected to come to class daily with the following:


    1. Loose-leaf binder for social studies
    2. A blue or black pen and a #2 pencil
    3. Homework assignment - students will not be permitted to go to their lockers once class begins




    Homework assignments are listed on the board at the beginning of each class and will be assigned Monday through Thursday.


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to hand in assignments when you return to class and to find out what the homework assignment was, the day they missed.  That assignment is to be handed in the following day for full credit.  Late homework will be penalized.   Failure to hand in homework receives a grade of zero. Homework handed in after it has been returned to the class may receive only half credit (50). Cheating on homework will result in a zero for all participants.




    Tests will be given approximately every two to three weeks.  Quizzes will be given occasionally that cover material from the nightly reading assignments, videos, and homework.


    Students who are absent the day of a scheduled exam are expected to sit for the exam the first day they return to class.  If a student misses an exam because of tardiness or a field trip, they are expected to take the make up exam or quiz as soon as possible.


    Class Participation


    Students are expected to report to class on time and with their notebooks and homework assignments.  Students will take an active role in class discussions by raising their hands when they wish to respond to other students or ask a question.  Every class discussion is a public deliberation of the class topic where each participant’s input should contribute positively to the topic of the discussion in an atmosphere of respect and interest for all students.  Arriving to class unprepared (no pen or pencil, notebook) is unacceptable.  Excessive absences will result in extra assignments to compensate for the missed in class work.  NO CELL PHONES!!!



    Community Service


    Every student is required to do 5 hours of community service during the time they are a student in this course.  All community service projects must be cleared with the teacher before credit can be received.  Failure to complete this assignment will result in an Incomplete for the course until it is fulfilled or a failure if it is not completed within a reasonable time period.




    Chronic lateness or disruptions in class will result in after school detention in room 137 from 2:50 until 3:20.  During this time, extra class work or other in class work will be made up by the student.


    Grading Policy


    Your grade for the class will be determined as follows:


    75% - Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Debates


    25% - Homework



    Extra Help


    I will be available for extra help Tuesday between 7:00-7:30am in Room 137, or by appointment (please feel free to request extra help any time you feel the need for it!)



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