• Welcome to AP Chemistry!

    This is a college-level course that will deepen your understanding of the chemistry in the world around you.  It will provide a solid foundation for other advanced coursework in chemistry as well as to fulfill scientific prerequisites in other areas of study such as medicine and engineering.

  • Dr. Meredith Foley

    (516) 478-2449

  • AP Chemistry Textbook:

    Zumdahl, S. S. and Zumdahl, S. A. AP Edition Chemistry, Cengage Learning, 9th Ed.

    ISBN-10 # 1-133-61110-9 

  • Extra Help will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 AM.  The sessions will be held in Room 200. Other meeting times can be made by appointment.

  • AP Chemistry Grading Policy:

    Quarter 1:                              Quarters 2-3:                       Quarter 4:                                                   

    Exams: 60%                            Exams: 60%                       Exams: 20%     

    Labs: 20%                                Labs: 20%                           Labs: 70%

    Quizzes & HW:  15%           Quizzes & HW: 20%             Quizzes & HW: 10%

    Summer Homework: 5%

  • Google Classroom Codes: 

                Section 1 (Per 2/3):  he6gcun

                Section 2 (Per 8/9):  twf6aay

     All course materials (e.g., lecture notes, hw assignments, additional reading material) will be posted to Google Classroom or Google Drive.