• Typing Test (http://typingtest.com/)

    This is the easiest and most popular typing online test that is presently available. This site provides two types of test, comprising of a primary one-minute online test, plus a more advanced five-minute downloadable test. These two provide the instructor with the concrete idea of gauging the skills of each student. However, these are not the only available tools. An instructor can also download a typing machine that functions by running in the background of every computer. Upon watching how a student types, a report is generated that gives an indication of the kind of fingers that require most work and the kind of letters that cause most problems. 

    TypeRacer (http://play.typeracer.com/)

    This is more of a game than a typing test. It is effective since it offers a typing test by providing all the requisite tools needed by a teacher to customize lesson plan that caters for the content of the material being taught currently in the class. For instance, if English teachers intent to integrate typing lessons, they only have to create races and tests based on the Hamlet or whatever is on the list of the lessons plan. The good thing is that this can be transferred to another class. This test appeals to the inherent sense of competition among all students; and allows them to compete against one another. 

    RataType (http://www.ratatype.com/)

    Ratatype provides a user friendly, easy-to-navigate online typing test. Just from the main page, the user should first click "Start Typing Now" in order to access the direct page of the test. After that, a user should then create an account that enables him/her to to be treated to customized lessons according to the results of the initial test. Notably, hunt and peck typists have to start from the beginning; whereas, those who have already mastered the fundamental part gain access to in-depth and comprehensive lessons that are specifically designed to boost accuracy and speed. The moment a user starts using Ratatype, it becomes difficult to break. This is because the application is web-based and a user is allowed to take tests and boost their scores from any definite locality, such as a coffee shop of even school. Improved typing skills will surely land a job to the user, and probably save them time. 

    TypingWeb (http://www.typingweb.com/)

    This typing test provides one of the most comprehensive lessons ever found on the web. Apart from offering classic lessons and tests, including Aesop's fables, this site provides a multiple of specified lessons like frequently misspelled words and common medical terms. It is a network of learning whereby learners create a free account while instructors create a virtual classroom for their student's use. The already created virtual environments are very secure where instructors have the capacity to monitor the entire progress from a streamlined instructor’s portal.

    10 FastFingers (http://10fastfingers.com/)

    This site does not provide the traditional test that is widely known by many. For instance, rather than using paragraphs from classic literature, the site normally uses a string of rapidly generated words. This presents users with the fundamental idea of the most accurate tests done on the net. The same users can practice memorizing Aesop's fable that make their speed far much faster but does little when it comes to accuracy. These tests, therefore, provide users with a better concept of how they should react during the process of typing and transcribing things with which they may not be familiar.
    Conclusion: Significance of Typing Tests

    It should be noted that typing is among the top most skills that a student can easily gain from his/her school. The capability to touch type is bot beneficial to grade schools and colleges, until one enters the world of their career. It is upon teachers to take advantage of these free online typing tests and thus use them for the gain of their respective schools. It must be recognized that the tools are already out there, but since typing does not fall among most curriculums, it is upon the teacher to incorporate these things into their lessons as much as it depends on them.

    BTW: Did you know that the average typing speed is 41 wpm?
    See the infographic: http://www.ratatype.com/learn/average-typing-speed/