We are looking forward to an exciting year filled with many new experiences. The following guidelines will help everything run smoothly:
    Come to class prepared: Be in class ready to begin work when the bell rings. Have the necessary materials with you, including your planner pack (planner, pencil holder, take-home folder), binder and homework. Always check the 'white board' located outside the classroom door to see if any additional supplies are needed or any special instructions/ reminders are given for class. If you need to return to your locker after the bell has rung, you will be required to sign the Responsibility/ Homework Binder. Responsibility does count towards your grade.
     Homework: Assignments are to be written in your planner daily. Missing homework will be reflected in your report card grade. Homework must be done according to directions and written neatly.
    Tests: All tests will be announced ahead of time and will be reviewed for in class. All "Score Cards" are to be signed and returned the next school day.
    Missing Class: If you are absent from class for any reason, you are responsible for missed work. Be sure to check Mrs. Ruane's homework website or call a friend to get the missed homework assignments. Also check your "class shelf" in the blue box located at the front of the room for any handouts you missed while absent. You must also obtain the class notes or in-class assignments when you return to school.
    Extra Help: You are strongly encouraged to attend extra help when necessary. Bring any materials or questions that you would like to review.
    Grading: Tests, quizzes, writing assignments and any assessments will count for 90% of your quarter grade. Homework/ Responsibility will count towards 10% of your grade.
    Feel free to approach Mrs. Ruane with any questions or concerns you may have. Your teachers are here for you!