Numbers 0-1000


    Los Numeros 0-1000
    Numbers 0-1000 
    All numbers from 0-1000
    ¿Que numero es? - What number is___?
    ¿Cuánto? - How much?/How many?
    Más- More
    Menos - Minus
    Más - plus
    Menos - Minus
    Expected Outcomes
    Students will be able to count from 0 - 1000 by ones, fives, tens, and hundreds.  They will be able to create numbers bigger than 1000 based on what they know about numbers from 0 - 1000.  They will use number signs (>,<,=) to create number sentences.  They will also read numbers in Spanish and order them least to greatest.  They will solve math problems using numbers in word form.  They will solve math word problems and create math word problems reinforcing math skills worked on in the general ed classroom.