• AP European History - Assignments & Homework -
    Semester II

    Week 23 - The Age of Napoleon, 1799-1815 (Jan. 28- Feb. 1)
    Monday            Formation of the French Imperial System
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 48           
    Tuesday            The Grand Empire: The Revolution Spreads
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 49
    Wednesday      The Continental System
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 51, pp. 414-419
    Thursday         The Overthrow of Napoleon
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 51, pp. 419-425
    Friday              Midterm Analysis
    Week 24 - The Age of Reaction (Feb. 4-8)
    Monday           The Congress of Vienna
    Tuesday           Art Lesson: Neoclassicism
                             Rd. McKay, pp. 749-753
    Wednesday      The Peace Settlement
                             Rd. McKay, pp. 753-758
    Thursday         Radical Ideas and Early Socialism
                             Rd. McKay, pp. 758-761
    Friday              The Romantic Movement
                             Rd. McKay, pp. 761-768
    Week 25 - The Age of Revolution (Feb. 11-15)
    Monday           Art Lesson: Romanticism
                             Rd. McKay, pp. 768-774
    Tuesday           Art Lesson: Realism
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 58
    Wednesday      Paris: The Specter of Social Revolution in the West
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 59
    Thursday         Vienna: The Nationalist Revolution in Central Europe and Italy
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 60
    Friday              Frankfurt and Berlin: The Question of A Liberal Germany
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 52
    Week 26 - No Classes (Feb. 18-22)
    Week 27 - The Industrial Revolution & Nationalism (Feb. 25-Mar. 1)
    Industrial Revolution  
    Monday           The Industrial Revolution in Britain
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 61

    Tuesday           The New Toughness of Mind
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 62
    Wednesday      Bonapartism: The Second French Empire, 1852-1870
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 63
    Thursday         Backgrounds: The Idea of the Nation-State
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 64
    Friday              Cavour and the Italian War of 1859: The Unification of Italy
                             Rd. Palmer, Sec. 65
    Week 28 - The Rise of the Nation-State (Mar. 4-8)
    Monday            Bismarck: The Founding of a German Empire
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 66
    Tuesday            The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 67
    Wednesday      Liberalization in Tsarist Russia: Alexander II
    Thursday         Exam Review, Chs. 11-13
    Friday              Absence
    Week 29 - European Civilization I (Mar. 11-15)
    brit pols

    Monday            Exam, Ch. 11-13
                              Rd. Palmer, Secs. 71&72
    Tuesday            European Demographics
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 73
    Wednesday      World Economy of the 19th Century
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 74
    Thursday         The Advance of Democracy: France
                  The Advance of Democracy: UK
    Week 30 -  European Civilization II (Mar. 18-22)

    3rd rep

    Monday           The Advance of Democracy: Germany
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 75

    Tuesday            Socialism and Labor Unions
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 76

    Wednesday      Debate: Conservatives versus Liberals in Britain
    Thursday         Science, Philosophy and the Arts
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 77
    Friday              Waning of Classical Liberalism

    Week 31 - European Imperialism (Mar. 25-29)
    brit empire

    Monday            Art Lesson: The Atelier Movement [Academic Classicism]
    Tuesday            Art Lesson: Impressionism
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 78

    Wednesday      Causes of the New Imperialism
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 80
    Thursday         The Twilight of the Ottoman Empire
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 81
    Friday              The Scramble for Africa
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 82-83
    Week 32 - Transition to World War (Apr. 3-7) 

    Monday            Imperialism in Asia: East Indies, India and China
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 84
    Tuesday           The Russo-Japanese War 
    Wednesday      Exam, Ch. 15
    Thursday         Art Lesson: Post-Impressionism
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 85
    Friday              The International Anarchy
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 86
    Week 33 - Easter / Passover Spring Break (Apr. 10-14)

    Image result for orthodox easter eggs
    Week 32 - The First World War (Apr. 17-21)

    Monday           The Armed Stalemate
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 87
    Tuesday           The Collapse of Russia and US Intervention
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 88
    Wednesday      The Collapse of the Austrian and German Empires
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 89
    Thursday         The Economic, Social and Cultural Impact of the War
                              Rd. Palmer, Sec. 90
    Friday              The Peace of Paris, 1919
    Week 33 - The Interwar Years (Apr. 24-28)