• AP European History Assignments & Homework -
    Semester I

    Week 1 - Pull Up A Chair and Have Some Coffee (Sept. 7-11)


    Monday             ***LABOR DAY***
    Tuesday             Orientation Day
    Wednesday       An Introduction to Europe [Maroon]
    Thursday          An Introduction to Europe [Gray]
    Friday               Antiquity: Greece, Rome, Christianity
                               Rd. Palmer Sec. 1
    Week 2 - Introduction to European Civilization I (Sept. 14-18)
    Monday            Review of Summer Reading Assignment
    Tuesday            Summer Reading Exam: Voltaire's Candide [Maroon]   
    Wednesday       Summer Reading Exam: Voltaire's Candide [Gray]
                               Rd. Palmer Sec. 2
                               King John, Royal Licenses to Export and Import, 1205-1206
    Thursday          Early Middle Ages: The Formation of Europe
                               Rd. Palmer Sec. 3
    Friday               High Middle Ages: The Church
                               Rd. Palmer Sec. 4
    Week 3 - Introduction to European Civilization II (Sept. 16-20)
    Monday            High Middle Ages: Secular Civilization
                              Rd. Palmer Sec. 5
    Tuesday            Disasters of the 14th Century
    Wednesday       The Renaissance: Economic and Political 
                               Developments / Rd. McKay 412-420
                               Burckhardt, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy 
    Thursday          The Renaissance: Intellectual Change
                               Rd. McKay 421-427
    Friday               The Development of the Individual
    Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier  
    Week 4 - Early Renaissance, 1350-1500 (Sept. 23-27)
    Monday            Art and the Artist                         
    Tuesday            Art Lesson: From Giotto to Leonardo
    Wednesday      Art Lesson: From Michelangelo to Titian    
    Thursday         Quiz, McKay 407-421 / Art Lesson: The Northern
                              Renaissance /
    Rd. McKay 428-434
    Friday              Social Hierarchies
                              Rd. McKay 434-439
    Week 5 - High & Late Renaissance, 1500-1600 (Sept. 30-Oct. 4)

    Monday            ***ROSH HOSHANAH***
    Tuesday            ***ROSH HOSHANAH***
    Wednesday      Politics and the State
     Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince: Chapter XXI  

    Thursday         The New Monarchs: France and England
    Friday              The New Monarchs: Spain

    Week 6 - The Early Reformation, 1520-1560 (Oct. 7-11)
    Monday          Exam Review 
    Tuesday          Exam: The Renaissance /
                             Rd. McKay 445-451
    Wednesday     ***YOM KIPPUR***
    Thursday        Luther's Reformism
    Friday             Luther's Revolution 
                             Rd. McKay 451-463
    Week 7 - Spread of the Reformation (Oct. 14-18)
    Monday             ***COLUMBUS DAY***
    Tuesday             German Politics & The Schmalkaldic War
                               Rd. McKay 463-466
                               John Calvin, On Predestination
    Wednesday       Rise of Calvinism
    Thursday          Henry VIII and the Elizabethan Settlement
                              Rd. McKay 466-472
                              Act of Supremacy
                              39 Articles of Religion                          
    Friday              The Council of Trent
                              Council of Trent, Rules on Prohibited Books  

    Week 8 - The Counter-Reformation (Oct. 21-25)

    Monday            The Tridentine Decrees 
    Tuesday            Jesuits, Oratorians and Ursulines
    Wednesday       Review for Exam
    Thursday          Exam
                               Rd. McKay 472-477
                               De Thou, St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, 1572
    Friday               ***ABSENCE***
    Week 9 - Wars of Religion (Oct. 28-Nov. 1)
    Monday            Religious Wars: France
    Tuesday            Religious Wars: The Netherlands
                              Rd. Palmer 11 
                              Elizabeth I, Against the Spanish Armada, 1588 
    Wednesday      Religious Wars: England
    Thursday         The Opening of the Atlantic
                              Rd. Palmer 12
    Friday              The Commercial Revolution
                              Rd. Palmer 13
                              Henry Blount, A Voyage into the Levant, 1634
    Week 10 - Economic Renewal and Religious Conflict (Nov. 4-8)
    Monday           Art Lesson: The Baroque I
    Tuesday           ***ELECTION DAY***
    Wednesday     Changing Social Structures
                             Rd. Palmer 14
                             Map, Religious Division of Europe
    Thursday        The Crusade of Catholic Spain
                             Rd. Palmer 16
                             Dutch Declaration of Independence, 1581
    Friday             The Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648: The Disintegration of Germany
                             Rd. Sec. 17

    Week 11 - The Puritan Revolution  (Nov. 11-15)

    Monday           ***VETERANS DAY***
    Tuesday           The Grand Monarque and the Balance of Power
                             Rd. Sec. 18
    Wednesday     The Dutch Republic
                             Rd. Sec. 19
                            James I, True Law of Free Monarchies, 1598
    Thursday        Britain: The Puritan Revolution
                             Rd. Sec. 20
                            The Bill of Rights, 1689
    Friday             Britain: The Triumph of Parliament
                            Rd. Palmer 21
                            Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Memorandum on Trade, 1664
                            Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685
    Week 12 - The Age of Louis XIV (Nov. 18-22)
    Monday         The France of Louis XIV, 1643-1715                       
                           Rd. Palmer 22
    Tuesday         The Wars of Louis XIV
                           Rd. Palmer 23
    Wednesday   Exam: The Establishment of W. European Leadership
                           Rd. Palmer 23

    Thursday      Art Lesson: The Baroque II
    Friday           Art Lesson: The Baroque III 
    Week 13 - Absolutism: Central Europe (Nov. 25-29)
    Monday         Three Aging Empires
                           Rd. Palmer 24 & Luise Gottsched, Description of the Empress Maria Theresa, 1749

    Tuesday         The Formation of an Austrian Monarchy
                           Rd. Palmer 25 & Frederick the Great, Essay on Forms of Government 

    Wednesday   The Formation of Prussia
                           Rd. Palmer 26

    Thursday      ***THANKSGIVING***                    
    Friday           ***THANKSGIVING***
    Week 14 -  Absolutism: Eastern Europe (Dec. 3-7)

    Monday        Quiz Palmer 25 & The Westernizing of Russia I
                           Rd. Palmer 26
                          Various Authors, Peter the Great and the Rise of Russia, 1682-1725
    Tuesday        The Westernizing of Russia II
                          Rd. Palmer 27 & The Three Partitions of Poland
    Wednesday   Quiz Palmer 26 & The Partitions of Poland
    Thursday      Quiz Palmer 27
    Friday           Review for Exam
    Week 15 - Colonial Wealth and Empire (Dec. 10-14)
    Monday        Exam: Transformation of Eastern Europe, Ch. 5      
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 28
            Elite and Popular Cultures
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 29
    Wednesday   18th Century Global Economy                       
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 30
    Thursday      Western Europe after the Peace of Utrecht                       
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 31
    Friday           Great War of the Mid-18th Century
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 32      
    Week 16 - The Scientific Revolution (Dec. 17-21)
    Monday         Bacon and Descartes
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 33
    Tuesday         The Road to Newton
                            Rd. Palmer Sec. 34
    Wednesday   New Knowledge                        
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 35
    Thursday      Political Theory: The School of Natural Law                       
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 36
    Friday           The Philosophes and Others
    Week 17 - No Classes (Dec. 24-28)
    Week 18 - The Enlightenment (Dec. 31-Jan. 4)
    fred sanssouci  
    Monday        ***NEW YEARS' EVE***
    Tuesday        ***NEW YEARS' DAY***
    Wednesday   Enlightened Despotism: France, Austria, Prussia
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 37

    Thursday      Enlightened Despotism: Russia
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 38
    Friday           New Stirrings: The British Reform Movement
                           Rd. Palmer Sec. 39
    Week 20 - The French Revolution (Jan. 6-10)

    Monday          Exam: Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
    Tuesday         The Revolution and Reorganization of France
    Wednesday    The Revolution and Europe: The War and the Second Revolution

    Thursday       The Emergency Republic: The Reign of Terror

    Friday            The Constitutional Republic: The Directory  

    Week 21- The French Revolution in Transition (Jan. 14-18)

    Monday          The Authoritarian Republic: The Consulate
    Tuesday          Midterm Prep
    Wednesday     Midterm Prep
    Thursday        Midterm Prep
    Friday             Midterm Prep

    Week 22 - Midterm Week (Jan. 21-25)
    Monday          ***MLK, JR. DAY***
    Tuesday          Exam
    Wednesday     Grading
    Thursday        Classes Recommence
    Friday             Classes Recommence