• LISEF 2018-2019 Rules

    IF you are thinking about going to LISEF, read these rules and carefully think about your decision....A brief summary

    The full research paper must be uploaded and must meet LISEF rules

    The full poster must be uploaded and must meet LISEF rules

    My understanding is that any poster modifications after the upload date are NOT ALLOWED!!!

    Any changes to the research plan for additional research must be submitted in a "Post-Summary"

    There are numerous places where your project can be disqualified. Missing any of numerous deadlines including requests for additional forms will results in disqualification.

    Read this paragraph clearly:

    "NEW: If AT ANY TIME, LISEF, Inc. becomes aware of a change of membership of a project presented at a prior competition than its membership registered for the LISEF competition, LISEF will impose a 50% penalty of the allotment for the following school year for each school involved in the infraction. In addition, the student(s) involved will fail to qualify, and in the event that the LISEF competition has already taken place, then that project and student(s) will be stripped of all recognition and awards. Additionally, the principal and superintendent of the school(s) involved will be sent a letter informing them that their allocation of LISEF registrations is being reduced by 50% the following year because of an ethics violation."

    If one team member is absent or sick, your project wil be disqualified

    If for whatever reason, you cannot stay through the whole awards ceremony, you will forfeit your award.

    Read this paragraph carefully:

    "NEW: If it is proposed that a Qualified Scientist for a project be someone with extensive experience and expertise in the student’s area of research who does not have the appropriate academic credentials related to the student’s research discipline, the LISEF Regional SRC must give approval of this individual as the qualified scientist prior to the start of experimentation."

    There is a new on-line qualified scientist form that must be submitted, your choice of qualified scientist will be denied if they don't meet LISEF specifications.

    For these reasons, I strongly caution that you think about whether you will have time to complete this extensive applications, and that you will conform to all rules. Weigh the advantages of using your time in this fashion. The ISEF is held in Phoenix Arizona this year, in order to go, you must score first place in yor category at LISEF, or in the top ten in NYSSEF.

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