• What can students do during the school year and in the summer to get started in Science research in addition to Science Educational programs?

     1. Attend science-related talks and presentations at local universities, museums, and hospitals. Engage in networking by introducing yourselves to professors after the talk and asking them about research opportunities.

      Winthrop University Hospital:http://www.winthrop.org/resources/communityprograms/

      Adelphi University:http://events.adelphi.edu/events/cultural-events/lectures/

      Cradle of Aviation Museum:https://www.cradleofaviation.org/plan_your_visit/event_calendar.html

      Stony Brook University:http://www.astro.sunysb.edu/openight/opennite.html

      2. Get involved in Science Olympiad and/ or Environthon afterschool clubs (speak with Dr. Cascio or Ms. Dubuke).

    3. Participate in science competitions, for example, Brain Bee, Bridge Building and/ or Medical Marvels Competitions. Some competitions require school registration and some could be entered by students independently (speak with Dr. Gordon).  See more examples of science competitions here.

     4. Volunteer at a local hospital and familiarize yourselves with the department that you are working in. If you impress the staff with your work ethic, you may open up opportunities for an original research project.

     5. Volunteer at the Garden City Bird Sanctuary. If you demonstrate a strong work ethic, you may open up opportunities for an original research project.

                   6. Attend Summer Science Research programs: see list of suggested programs