• Course: Exploring Pseudoscience and the Supernatural


    Students will learn to use the methods of science to explore the claims of the supernatural and pseudoscience. In doing so, they will develop critical thinking skills, and learn to be curious, open-minded and skeptical. 

    Units of Study

    1.     What is Science/Pseudoscience?

                A.    Scientific Method

                B.   Occam’s Razor

                C.   James Randi’s one million dollar challenge

    2.     Aliens

            A.   Requirements for living things

            B.   S.E.T.I.

            C.   U.F.O.’s

            D.   Alien Abductions

                1.     Hypnogogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations

                2.     Sleep paralysis

            E.    Roswell

            F.    Area 51

            G.   Crop Circles

            H.   How to take a fake UFO photograph

    3.     Psychic Powers

            A.   Define various “Psychic Powers”

                1.     Telepathy

                2.     Telekinesis

                3.     Precognition

            B.   Cold Reading (John Edwards)

            C.   Ten Percent Myth (Humans use only 10% of their Brain)

    4.     Ghosts

    5.     Cryptozoology

            A.   Cryptids or Lake Monsters

                1.     Anthropoids

                2.     Sasquatch

                3.     Abominable Snowman

                4.     Florida Stink Ape

            B.   Ecological Problems

    6.     Spontaneous Human Combustion

            A.   Case Histories

            B.   Evidence (wick effect)

    7.     Quackery

            A.   Investigate various “healing methods”

                1.     Acupuncture

                2.     Crystal Power

                3.     Psychic Surgery

                4.     Homeopathy

                5.     “Alternative Medicine”

                6.     Reflexology

     8. Bermuda Triangle