• Seventh Grade Science


    Students in seventh grade continue developing process and inquiry skills through laboratory exercises, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. The course of study in Regular Science 7 program (7R) includes the following areas:

    1. Characteristics and Structure of Life

    2. Heredity, Reproduction and Evolution

    3. Plant Types, Structure and Function

    4. Human Life Processes and Organ Systems

    5. Ecology and the Environment

    Students in Accelerated Seventh Grade Program (7 A) will cover the above materials as well as the following areas from the Eighth Grade Physical Science in order to be eligible for the High School Regents Earth Science course in eighth grade.

    1. Structure of Matter

    2. Properties of Matter

    3. Energy

    Grading policy

    Tests/Quizzes 90%

    Homework/Labs/Classwork 10%


    Students in accelerated Math and Science classes must maintain an 85 average to remain in these classes. Students whose report card grade falls below 85 for two consecutive quarters will be returned to the regular level class.

    Click here for more detailed Syllabus for Regents Level Seventh Grade Science (7R)

    Click here for more detailed Syllabus for Accelerated Level Seventh Grade Science (7A)