• 2018-19 Investigation & Discovery
    (All curriculum is designed around NAGC Standards and incorporated with Next Generation Science Standards)
     Fall/Winter Units Learning
    S.O.S Investigation Simulation
    This unit is designed as a simulation that solves a scientific mystery by understanding the formation and motion of ocean currents.  While working in cooperative Rescue Team, students receive clues from a family "stranded" out in the ocean.  Teams learn about fauna (animals), flora (plants), ocean currents, density, water temperature, salinity and use their prior knowledge to find the lost families.  As a culminating activity, each Rescue Team makes a presentation to convince the Global Emergency Travel Unit (G.E.T.U) to send a ship to a specific destination.
     Forensic Files C.S.I.
    Here is a chance for students to apply chemistry and biology laboratory skills to a real-life criminal investigation.Students perform hair, blood, fiber, fingerprint and handwriting analysis to locate the culprit in the "murder" case.  All blood samples are simulated.  Students read background material, crime scene descriptions, motives and a victim's note.  Additionally, they use new Bloom's higher-level thinking skills to piece together the written information with lab results and form a logical conclusion of the most likely of six possible suspects.  the activity is culminated with a narrative laboratory case report which promotes writing, processing and communication skills.
     Spring Unit (TBA)
    Incorporating PBL (Problem Based Learning and STEM Initiatives)