• days  
    Los días / Los meses
    The days /  The months
    lunes  - Monday
    martes - Tuesday
    miércoles - Wednesday
    jueves - Thursday
    viernes - Friday
    sábado - Saturday
    domingo - Sunday
    ayer - yesterday
    hoy - today
    mañana - tomorrow
    enero - January
    febrero - February
    marzo - March
    abril - April
    mayo - May
    junio- June
    julio - July
    agosto - August
    septiembre - September
    octubre - October
    noviembre - November
    diciembre - December
    Expected Outcomes
    Students will be able to give the day of the week and month of the year in Spanish.  They will be able to answer questions about what day it is, what day yesterday was, what day tomorrow will be, and what month it is.  They will be able to combine their day/month vocabulary with their numbers vocabulary to give the complete date as well.