Reasons to take AP Biology - Mr. Esposito

  • 1. AP Biology offers a great opportunity to earn a college credit. On average, over 95% of Garden City High School students get a grade of 3 and higher on AP Biology exam.

    2. You will develop skills that can be applied to ANY course of study you choose to pursue in the future:

    a)    Organizational skills

    b)    Study Skills

    c)    Critical thinking skills         

    d)    Analytical writing skills

    e)    Data analysis

    These skills are NOT specific for success in science only, but in ALL academic endeavors (law, business degrees, etc).

    3. For prospective science majors, this course provides a solid foundation for higher-level science courses (i.e., pre-med degree programs).

    4. For students interested in the physical sciences, this course provides the opportunity to study how the principles of physics & chemistry are applied to living systems.

    5. For students NOT interested in pursuing a collegiate science degree, this course provides an excellent opportunity to earn college credit to satisfy your degree programs’ mandatory science requirement.

    6. Assuming you maintain a modicum of enthusiasm throughout the year, you should find the course stimulating & fun

    Common Student Concerns:

    Concern 1: AP Biology is difficult. ESPO’s Response: ANYTHING can be difficult if you don’t put in the minimal amount of time & effort.

    Concern 2: The tests are hard. ESPO’s Response: (1) the exams are curved (2) see #1.

    Concern 3: AP science courses are only for the smartest students. ESPO’s Response: ANYONE can excel in this course as long as they put in the time & effort. I will ALWAYS be available to work with anyone who is willing to seek my assistance (ask around).