Reasons to take AP Science Courses (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Physics)

  • AP science classes give students the chance to try rigorous college-level work in familiar environment of high school with the help and support of their teachers.

    Science courses are mandatory for any college program regardless of the students’ major. Students who take AP science in high school have an opportunity to satisfy the science requirement of any college program in thousands of colleges world-wide.

    Colleges want to see rigorous classes on the students’ transcript. Taking rigorous AP science classes make students more competitive when applying to the college of their choice. About 95% of students who took AP science courses in Garden City High School earn a score of 3 or higher.

    “One of the best standard predictors of academic success at Harvard is performance on AP Examinations.“ William Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Harvard University

    AP science courses provide a solid foundation for academic success in college. The work done in AP science courses helps students develop skills and study habits that are vital in college and can be applied to ANY course of study they choose to pursue in the future: organizational skills, study skills, data analysis, critical thinking skills and analytical writing skills. 

    When GC graduates come back to visit after their freshman year of college they report that the experience in science AP classes made it easier for them to adjust to college level work and rigorous and analytical college exams.

    Common Student Concerns:

    Concern 1: AP Science courses are difficult. Response: Yes, but science teachers are willing to work with anyone who seeks their assistance.

    Concern 2: AP science courses are only for the “smartest” students. Response: ANYONE can excel in these courses as long as they put in the time and effort.

    Concern 3: My GPA will suffer if I take an AP science course. Response: Colleges know that science AP courses are very rigorous and that the students’ grades are reflection of the day-to-day rigor of the course. Besides, no single course will have a significant impact on one’s GPA. Consider the following example:

    Let’s assume that a student takes 25 courses in their high school career. In that case, each course will be worth 4 points (25 x 4 = 100). Suppose a students’ desired grade for a course is a 95. Upon obtaining this grade the student would earn 3.8 out of the possible 4 points allotted for this course. If the student decides to take an AP science and receives an 85, he/she will have earned 3.4 points instead. The difference in the student’s GPA for an 85 as opposed to a 95 is only 0.4 points unweighted. When AP course weight of 1.06 is factored in, the difference is just 0.2 points!

    Taking AP Science courses helps students get into college and be successful in college and their future career!

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