• Health Community Service


                  Students can choose to participate in some form of community service for the health quarter project. Community service hours are to be completed during the health semester.

       Community Service ideas consist of volunteering in a local hospital, mental health hospital, and adult home, community walk (must raise money for the organization) church group etc, must be 5 or more hours. You must have a letter from the agency you volunteered at with a contact person and phone number.

    You must have a one-page typed-up (double-spaced) reaction paper about your experiences; what you actually did; how you felt after the community service was done and what you have learned must all be included on the paper. If you can take pictures and included them in your paper please try and do so.


    Any questions about the type of community service you would like to do please see your teacher.

    Babysitting and not getting paid cannot be used.


    DUE DATE:______________________________