AP European History Exam Prep

    Students need to have purchased the Barron's AP European History Review Book. It is anticipated that each student will independently study from this book and perform various activities, particularly the questions at the end of each chapter.

    1.   Interwar Years - Chapter 11-12 (April 15-17)
    2.   World War II - Chapter 13 (April 22-23)

    3.   The Cold War - Chapter 14 (April 24-25)
    4.   Post-Cold War - Chapter 15 (April 27-30)
    ***EXAM: May 8, 2019
    *Students will also receive packets with practice questions. These will be done at the same time as the Barron's Prep work.
    **Classes will be based on a combination of packets and lecture PPTs that will cover the same content up until the present.
    ***Please feel free to communicate at any time with your teacher for any clarifications or questions.
    courtesy of Jillian Manley (2017-18)
    Supplemental PPT: