Health Education Program

    Course Outline / Requirements

    The health course will provide you with the most up-to-date information about critical health issues and encourage you to:

    • Understand health promotion and disease prevention concepts.
    • Develop plans through goal setting and decision making that will improve the chances of achieving optimal health.
    • Participate in health related activities and projects that promote personal and community wellness.
    • Strive to become advocates for good individual, family, and community health.

    Knowledge + Positive Attitudes + Responsible Behavior = Greater Ability to Achieve Optimal Health 

          Course Requirements

    1. Health Binder/ Notebook
    2. Tasks and Grading Percentage-                                                   
    3. Group Projects / Presentation- 25%
    4. Class work / Participation / Health Binder - 15%
    5. Homework / Current Events – 30%
    6. Tests – 15%
    7. Quarter Project one per quarter (Students will get to choose from a list of options that will be handed to them in class with the due dates) – 15%

    **Expectations of the students**

    1. Students will follow the rules of the health classroom.
    2. Students are to be prepared for class every day.
    3. If a student uses his/her cell phone during class without permission will risk the chance of failing the course.
    4. If a student uses any form of social media during or about the class he/she will risk the chance of failing the course.
    5. Students must have a health binder that can be shared with another subject and folder for handouts.
    6. Students are to show respect for their classmates, teachers and guests in the classroom.
    7. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in class and will result in a disciplinary action.
    8. Cutting is not acceptable!
    9. Students are to be on time to class. Students should be in the classroom before the bell rings.
    10. Students are to come to class with an open mind.

    Topics Covered

    Mental and Emotional Health    Nutrition and Physical Activity       Stress Management   Cyber Bullying            Dignity for all Students act (DASA)

    Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs    Human Sexuality/Diseases                 Guest Speakers – Variety of topics